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Running a first community service event can be a daunting task for almost anyone. Still, there is a serious issue that can often only crop up after the event has come to its conclusion. That problem is that all of the momentum and focus was on the very first event. It can often be hard for people to pick themselves up, restore all of the energy that went into making the event happen and then continue on and plan the next one. Fortunately, it is possible to overcome some of the most common issues around events by doing a little bit of planning before the first event takes place. Doing this ensures that the people organizing the function can maintain the momentum and goodwill that went into the first event and take this forward to the activities they run in the future.

Considerations for the Initial Event

One of the best things that an event organizer can do is capture the details of people who enjoy the event and say they might be interested in coming to another one. Getting people to go to an event can be a difficult task. Still, it should be easier after the first one once the organizers have started to build up a list of interested people. It’s very important not to let this type of information go to waste. Make sure that there is some sort of way of capturing data, even just an email address or cellphone number at the event. Many organizers regret not taking this step as it makes things significantly more difficult later on.

It’s also worth scheduling a future event before the first one finishes, if possible. This means that the next event can be promoted at the first event, giving the organizers an initial few guests in advance.