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Millions of people across Canada want to do more to give back to the communities that they live in, and community service programs are a great way of doing that. One of the best things about the hundreds of programs that have popped up in recent years is the sheer range of topics and interests that they cover. This means that no matter a person’s interest or skills, there is almost certain to be a community service program that could benefit from their help and which will help them to feel as though they are making a genuine difference to the people in their community.

Starting a community service program

Canadians who cannot find a community service program that is of interest to them also have the option of starting their own. This does come with the slight downside of requiring a lot more work and organization than simply joining an existing project; but it does allow people to work for a cause they are truly passionate about and allows them more say in how the organization will be run and what its priorities will be.

Joining an existing program

Of course, not everyone has the time to take everything into their own hands and many people will prefer to join a program that already exists. Fortunately, there are many websites that list community groups that may be looking for assistance and support from local residents. It’s also recommended that people take a look at any Facebook or Nextdoor groups that serve their local area. These tend to be popular places for community groups that require assistance to contact local people. Before joining, it’s important for people to make sure they understand exactly what will be required of them and how much of their time they are expected to give up.