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Anyone who has been part of a program designed to improve their area has information that can help other people to decide which causes are worth their time. The usual problem is that it is hard to find a venue where these types of comments are welcome and will reach the right people. This article explores the places that are available to people who want to share their experience of a local community action group with the wider world.

Make Use of Social Media

This is the first and most obvious option, but it’s essential to put at least a little thought into what to write and where to put it before making a post. There is a huge number of platforms, pages and groups all over the internet and a review that is posted to a page that is visited by the wrong type of people is likely to be ignored and not get the kind of exposure that you are looking for. There are also dedicated sites that are designed for these types of reviews. These can be useful for writers who are looking for a more specialized audience.

Sharing a Negative Experience

Unfortunately, not everyone has a good experience when they work with a community action group. This motivates some people to share their negative opinions with the wider world. While it is important to share this type of information, it is generally best for people to think about what they write and try to be constructive. This means that there is more chance that their opinions will make a difference to the group. As a general rule, it is best to avoid posting rants or cross-posting the same review in multiple places. This tends to lead to posts being deleted or ignored by the other people in the community.