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Our mission is to assist adults (16 years or older) with severe and prolonged psychiatric disabilities to live in our community. We are committed to supporting people in the community in ways which are most responsive to their needs and hopes for the future.

For people with psychiatric disabilities in or from the Greater Toronto area (and on occasion from elsewhere) we will provide affordable and safe supported housing which we, in one way or other, have some control over. This would include housing owned or leased by Bayview Community Services, as well as housing which is accessible to individuals when they are supported by Bayview Community Services.

For people with psychiatric disabilities who live in our community, regardless of whether they live in housing over which Bayview Community Services has control, we will provide case management support to enable them to continue to live in the community.

  • We will be accountable to our clients, our funders, our neighbours, and our service partners. We will respect the fundamental human rights of all people.
  • We will be a developer and demonstrator of innovative, effective, efficient, responsive, and affordable supports for people with a wide range of needs.
  • We will be a partner with other agencies and organizations in our community to ensure the development and maintenance of services and support in all areas of life.
  • We will be a good neighbour in the neighbourhoods and housing communities of Toronto.
  • We will be a respecter of and partner with people to whom we provide support, and other people significant to them, while maintaining confidentiality.
  • We will be an advocate for the rights and entitlements of the people we serve and for the systematic respect for those rights in our community. Through our participation in larger community and system forums, we will participate in advocacy at the systems level.


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